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How to deal with today's changing workforce and changing workplace

If you don't have a system in your Human Resources department that allows you to keep up with all the changes constantly occurring in your workforce and workplace, it's not the end of the world. Never think it's too late to start when it comes to being more efficient or saving money.

Changes like these are giving HR departments everywhere difficult challenges.

Modes of communication have gone from a limited ring and a bell to multiple devices and numbers. Back in the day, not everyone had an email. Now that almost all of your employees do, are you having them fill out their own forms so they can be filed away without your assistance? Can they make requests online at anytime and have those requests routed to the correct managers that would approve that request?

Employee's don't work fixed hours where they have a time clock to punch in and out of any more, they can work from anywhere, and at anytime. Are you able to allow your employee to clock in from anywhere on any device to begin working for you? Are you able to distribute tasks and assignments to employees working from anywhere and anytime and allow them to interact with your system and do their work? Do you know how long it is taking them to do those tasks and assignments?

Corporation's are not made up of long-tenured, full-time employee's anymore either. There's a huge increase in job hoping and tons of outsourced/contract labor in those organizations now too. Are you still paying clerks to handle paperwork between your employees and your business? Does your New Hire still have to fill out a paper application and sign your paper employee handbook?

Teams used to be more fixed, and departmental based, while the new trend is shifting, to more interdepartmental teams. Can you send requests for approval to multiple managers in multiple locations at the same time? Are you able to allow your managers or employees to interact with your system , giving you the full audit record of every request or approval?

Having the right system and support for that system can help you deal with all of these changes and more.

At Access Imaging Solutions, we love helping our customers utilize FileBound to solve their problems. It's super exciting when the General Manager of a resort, who happens to be your customer tells you how happy they are with the results of their implementation.

Learn more about how you could utilize FileBound for all of your HR paper free needs.

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