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Friends of Rockport

Friends of Rockport,

Members of the Access Imaging Solutions (AIS) team and their families will be traveling to Rockport to assist with the cleanup from the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey. AIS is a small business based in San Antonio that would like to help other small businesses in the Rockport area get back up and running. AIS has put together some office furniture and desktop scanners from our own business we would like to donate and is currently coordinating a donation drive from our customers and vendors. We will post pictures of the items we already have and any other donated items as we receive them.

To help us obtain items businesses in the Rockport area may be looking for, and to coordinate the delivery of these items, we ask any small business who may be in need of anything at all to please fill out the donation request form, Small Business Donation Request Form . Please specify what types of items you may need so we can add this information to the donation list for our vendors and customers. If you have any questions or would like more information you can message us on our Facebook page Access Imaging Solutions Facebook, email us at SolutionSquad@accessimagingsolutions.com, or call or office at 210-590-8338. We are looking forward to helping other Texas Strong small businesses!!

We are looking forward to helping other Texas Strong small businesses!!




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