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San Antonio's relief effort

Access Imaging Solutions (AIS) is asking for the help of other businesses in the San Antonio Area. Members of the AIS team and their families will be traveling to the Aransas Pass, Rockport/Fulton area to help with the cleanup from the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey. AIS will also be helping small businesses affected by the storm by collecting and delivering office related items. AIS has already started the donation efforts by donating desktop scanners and office furniture. We know other businesses in our area would like to help our fellow Texans in their time of need. To donate items please fill out this donation form Small Business Items Donation Form. We will be posting lists of items requested by businesses affected by the storm as we receive them. If you would like to volunteer to help along with the efforts of AIS please fill out this form, Volunteer Registration Form

If you have any questions about the AIS Small Business Helping Small Business Campaign or would like more information you can message us on our Facebook page Access Imaging Solutions Facebook, email us at, or call or office at 210-590-8338.

We are looking forward to helping other Texas Strong small businesses!!

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