Port Royal Ocean Resort HR

The Automation Of  Port Royal's HR On-boarding process and Managements Employee and file management Using AIS and FileBound

Uvalde County Elections Office

The Automation Of 
The Uvalde County Elections Office

Using AIS and FileBound

Scandrill Inc's AP automation

The Automation Of  Scandrill INC's AP invoice approval automation using AIS and FileBound

Hill County District Clerk convert's millions!

AIS assist's Angela Orr from the Hill County District clerks office to convert over 1 and half million pages of misdemeanor and felony records including their fire damaged records from the New Years day fire back in 1993.

AIS helps Chicago Title!

Chicago title needed to convert over a million documents from multiple Texas small counties into an indexed online title plant in order for their auditors to run title searches without having to go to the Courthouse.

AIS helps TTI! (Texas Transplant Institute)

AIS helps the Transplant Institute manage over 10,000 patient files. Seamlessly integrating with their other internal systems. IN addition TTI was able to automate several physician review processes that were bound to paper and limited to physician locations with FileBound.




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