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The Automation Of  The Uvalde County Elections Office Using AIS and FileBound

The Uvalde County Elections office has the responsibility of maintaining all paper and database information for each registered voter in the county.  Before the inception of the Elections Administration office in 2016, these duties were handled by the Tax Assessor’s office.  Potential voters would fill out the necessary voter application documents and submit them.  The information on these applications would be submitted to the state.  Then, the paper forms would be filed in filing cabinets in the office. Any updates received electronically from the state would be printed and added to the paper voter registration application package in the file cabinets.

This system of storing voter information led to many costly issues for the county:

  • Employee hours spent submitting information to the state.

  • Employee hours spent printing and filing paper documents.

  • Money spent on printing costs.

  • Use of valuable space to store documents.

  • Human error submitting information to the state.

  • Human error filing documents.

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