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Complete Document Scanning Services

AIS has been providing scanning services to County and City Government offices for over 17 years. 

How our scanning services work:

  • We box (if necessary) and pick up your documents.

  • Transport documents to our secure facility.

  • Prepare documents for scanning based on the customers specifications, (Staples and clips are removed, folded pages straightened. etc.)

  • Documents are scanned using our high speed scanners producing high quality digital images.

  • Digital images are reviewed for accuracy.

  • Paper documents are re-boxed for return or secure shredding based on customer’s needs.

  • Digital images are returned to customers.  AIS offers multiple options for the return of digital images including our Secretary of State approved, US based Document Management Platform.

  • Flexible scanning schedules and payment plans are available to fit any budget.

Document Management for County and City Government

AIS provides several levels of, Texas Secretary of State approved, document management options for County and City Government, from basic document management to workflow and full office automation. Providing Government offices with the peace of mind documents are secure and accessable even in times of crisis.

What makes our document management platform different than others and perfect for County or City Government?

  • Unlimited Projects - There is no limit to the number of projects that can be hosted multiple departments can have as many projects as needed with customized fields and file structure for each individual project. 

  • Project Security - Each project can set its own security. Users can be excluded from seeing, the entire project, individual index fields or documents.

  • Unlimited Users - There is no limit to the number of users, each department can have as many users as the need at no extra cost.

  • Free Updates – Updates are always included for free.  No buying expensive software only to have to pay to upgrade in a few years. 

  • Local Based Support and Training - Need support? No opening a ticket or calling an overseas call center.  The AIS Solution Squad is located in San Antonio and when you need assistance you will speak directly to someone you are familiar with and who is familiar with each project on your platform.  AIS will also provide comprehensive training for all employees.

  • Platform Security – Our platform can be hosted on your own secure server or cloud based on our secure US based servers.  Your important information will never be hosted overseas.

  • Cost Sharing – With the ability to have many departments share one customizable platform comes the ability for many departments to share the cost, leaving more money in each department’s budget for other important projects!


So for example what this all comes down to is the Elections office can have a project for the active voters and one for their cancelled voters, the DA’s office can have a project for their open cases and one for closed cases, the County Clerk can have one for Marriage Certificates, one for Death Certificates and one for Land Documents.  Unlimited customized projects for ever department in a County or City with security allowing only authorized users to see the projects they are assigned to.  All for one simple cost that can be split between the budgets of all the departments involved.

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