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FileBound’s process automation and document management solution makes K-12 districts more responsive than ever before.

Every school district, no matter the size, spends a lot of time working with various documents and files - whether dealing with internal personnel processes or managing student services. And most districts are continually looking for ways to gain efficiency, improve accuracy, and cut costs to ultimately provide faster and better services to the students and families within their community (all while sticking to a budget).
FileBound helps busy teachers, faculty, department heads, and administrators to manage the tasks associated with everything from personnel onboarding and training, to managing student services and cumulative files, compliance tracking for funding, and disaster recovery efforts - with ease.​

  • Streamline the intake and processing of personnel or student information by automatically extracting key elements (like name, date of birth, address, student or employee number), appropriately filing documentation, routing approvals to appropriate staff, and storing in a central, secure repository for quick retrieval.

  • Allow for faster response times for student-facing processes, like English Learner approvals, or counseling and disciplinary documentation by automatically routing items to appropriate staff for approvals. Rules can be created for-created roles or requirements, delivery notifications, and tracking activities to improve transparency.

  • FileBound helps standardize processes for your district, while simultaneously creating a transparent workflow that helps you maintain compliance standards for funding and establish robust disastery recovery capabilities.

  • The intuitive process automation dashboard populates useful analytics and notifies faculty of action items, so challenges like pending or late approvals can be improved upon, and districts can remain responsive and compliant.


FileBound for K-12 Districts: Overview

School districts nationwide are continually looking for ways to improve the quality and speed of their services to students and their families. FileBound’s Workflow Process Automation & Document Management solutions are designed to modernize and revolutionize your school district’s processes. This video gives you a sneak preview on ways FileBound can help you and your staff improve processes so you can focus on what really matters - students and their families.

Student Solutions: English Learners

FileBound grants staff quick access to student documents when building and managing requests for specific learning plans - like English Learner programming, plus other student services like special needs assistance, accelerated learning programs, transcripts, and more – all while automatically enforcing stringent, permissions-based user security to safeguard student data and satisfy state and federal compliance standards.

School Management Solutions

How much more could your staff be doing to help your students? Does your district staff have the tools they need to stay organized and achieve success? Your school district already has the right resources in place - a dedicated, hardworking team. FileBound takes care of those daily, time-consuming tasks, so they can focus on more important work.

Student Safety & Intervention

Does your staff have the tools they need to be aware, up-to-the-minute, of ongoing counseling or disciplinary incidents or safety concerns? What if you could automatically create a “Red Flag Alert” notification so teachers are aware of items to keep an eye on? Can current procedures be automated so that all team members and appropriate department heads, security staff, and even parents are aware of a potential threat or need for a counseling or security intervention?

FileBound Cloud



Delivers agile, secure document and workflow automation in the cloud.


FileBound for K-12



Process Automation & Document Management tools to modernize and simplify your school district’s processes


FileBound Electronic Forms

Upland’s FileBound document and workflow automation software helps organizations focus on the work that really matters by eliminating manual paper-based processes. Many organizations that use FileBound find that electronic forms empower them to eliminate even more paper and expand the value of their FileBound systems to new processes.


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