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The Automation Of  Scandrill's accounts payable invoice approval process Using AIS and FileBound


Since 1977 SCANDRILL, INC. has provided land contract drilling services to independent and major oil and gas exploration companies.  The corporate office of Scandrill INC. is located in Katy Texas, just outside of Houston. They have the responsibility of maintaining the accounting ledgers for each drilling rig they have in operation.  Scandrill can operate up to 20 rigs at a time.

Before AIS came into the picture, having to keep each rig’s accounting records separate and balanced was a huge paper and workforce challenge for Sami Abboud, the VP and CFO of Scandrill. 


Initially, Scandrill kept up to 3 copies of the same invoice, organized in 3 different ways and locations, depending on their business requirements. 1 copy was to be sent to a rig supervisor in order to approve and add accounting codes to the invoices, while 1 invoice was kept at corporate for customer service and the other was in accounting so it could be paid once all the other processes were complete.  That doesn’t even include the shipping yards copy for their reference for all the equipment coming and going.

This system would sometimes make the payment of an invoice take too long or sometimes it would end up making them miss an invoice entirely.  Scandrill was having to maintain over 40 filing drawer’s worth of invoices.

Since becoming an AIS customer, Scandrill has not had to physically file away a single paper copy of an invoice.  They have been able to have everyone in their accounting process do the assigned task given to them from virtually any location all at the same time, using 1 copy in the same place while providing them with a complete audit trail for the entire process.  While being so efficient can present it’s own challenges, using Filebound allows Scandrill to keep an up to the minute pulse on the invoices flowing through their accounting system, and when something that needs attention happens, automatic notifications are sent to get the job done!

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