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Medical Records Scanning

Complete Medical Backoffice Patient Chart and Document Scanning Services

In today’s world of EMRs having accurately scanned medical records is more important than ever.  Scanning paper patient records can be a daunting task that completing can seem near impossible for a busy medical practice.  While having office staff scan records going forward can easily be achieved, scanning old paper charts yourself can have many downfalls.

Downfalls to office scanning paper patient records:

  • Purchase of expensive scanning equipment.

  • Time spent training current staff or money and time spent hiring and training temporary staff.

  • Accuracy of final scanned product not guaranteed.

  • Office space taken up with scanning equipment.

  • Valuable time and resources taken away from the most important thing, helping patients!


Access Imaging Solutions (AIS) has been providing HIPPA and HITECH compliant scanning services that exceed industry standards for over 18 years.  The AIS staff can scan and provide you with digital copies that can be uploaded to your current EMR system or provide you with a completely new system.

Benefits of using AIS to scan your patient records

  • No need to purchase expensive scanning equipment!

  • Flexible scanning schedule!

  • Flexible payment options!

  • Access to records during scanning process!

  • Free up valuable office space!

  • Office staff is free to focus on the most important thing, patients!

  • Expert personalized support during and following the scanning process!

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Going Digital Fun Fact!

Lost, damaged or misplaced documents result in lost data, privacy violations or lost customers. Paper also requires manual entry, increasing the risk of human error.

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