On-going Conversion and Cloud Hosted Delivery Tickets

Access Imaging Solutions, LLC, works with one of the leading producers of construction aggregates to provide a solution for meeting their need to produce proof of delivery records to clients.  AIS scans between 900,000 and 1 million delivery tickets on an annual basis for the company. Once the images are scanned and indexed, they are uploaded to an ASP site where they are hosted for retrieval. We currently host over 10 million images for this Fortune 500 company.



  • Demand for client access to information

  • Demand for privacy for clients

  • Limited space for storage

  • Lack of organization in storage space


  • No time taken to send proof of delivery to clients

  • Provided better interdepartmental and client access to records for increased convenience and efficiency

  • Helped keep the 6 million images organized and secure from natural disaster.

  • Freed storage space for other necessities​

Going Digital Fun Fact!

Each year the average worker in a paperless environment can save  595 KW (kilowatts of energy)