The Automation Of  Port Royal's HR On-boarding process and their Managements Employee and File Management Using AIS and FileBound

The Port Royal Human Resource’s office has the responsibility of maintaining all paper and database information for each current employee and their terminated records as well for a specific amount of time depending on which section of the Employees HR file the document is stored in. 

Before the relationship with AIS began in 2018, these duties and responsibilities were handled by the HR team using paper copies of forms in physical file folders, being carried around during the hiring process, sometimes lasting 30 days or more.

Managing these files physically caused a multitude of issues which ultimately cost Port Royal valuable time and possible employees. Coupled with the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey and the risk involved with not having your records digital operating that close to the ocean, Port Royal began a search for a solution.


Port Royal asked around and got our number (need to say this better and possibly include some other solutions they evaluated).  We provided them with a few references that they contacted who use Filebound with their HR solution and then we provided them with a plan and hosting solution that fit their budget and time frame.

Now potential employees first fill out the necessary application documents online and sign them digitally, attaching any necessary resumes or documents. 


The applications and documents are submitted, and Filebound then generates the necessary interviewing documents and routes them to the correct hiring manager, who fills them out during the interview. 


If they hire the employee, background screening processes are automatically started, and once that is clear, the new hire is automatically sent a link to complete the entire on-boarding packet online without ever having to print or physically maintain those documents. 


At the end of the process, Port Royal has an HR file full of perfectly readable, organized, compliant, HR records ready to be audited at the speed of lightning.

Using Filebound with AIS solved many problems Port Royal was facing.

  • Employee hours and gas wasted transporting files around physically.

  • Employee hours spent printing and filing paper documents.

  • Money spent on printing costs.

  • Use of valuable space to store documents.

  • Human error submitting information to the Auditors.

  • Human error filing documents.